La Table Madada

Seafood Restau­rant & Lounge Bar - Essaouira

About the Table

photo Live Music

In an eth­nic and smart musi­cal atmos­phere, the artists invited to the Table by Madada plays for your plea­sure, songs of all the world and con­tributes to make you live a real jour­ney. Music and good mood invite each other at your table, that it is roman­tic, fam­ily or friendly.

Exposition-artistique-r Art Exhibit

Our vast walls pro­vide an ideal space to show­case artists, in the spirit of Essaouira’s long-​held cul­tural her­itage.
La Table Madada, is cur­rently very hon­ored to exhibit works by Mohamed Abaoubida and Nourre­dine Chater, two bril­liant artis­tic cal­lig­ra­phers from Morocco.

Tapas-r Tapas & Cock­tails

La Table Madada is also a tapas bar!
Don’t miss our Tapas & Cock­tails, every evening start­ing at 7 p.m.
There’s no bet­ter way to start a great night, in our warm and friendly atmosphere.

Autrefois-r A Slice of His­tory

Care­fully restored with respect to local tra­di­tion and archi­tec­tural her­itage, the space that houses La Table Madada was built in the day of car­a­vans from Tim­buktu and car­avel ships from Europe.
Once a ware­house belong­ing to Jew­ish traders, who were also advi­sors to the King, it was used to store pre­cious carob beans. Carob belongs to the Legume fam­ily and grows on a mag­nif­i­cent local tree.
Har­vested all over the Essaouira region, it was stored here before being exported by sea to Europe. The carob bean’s brown seeds being sur­pris­ingly con­sis­tent in weight, they were afforded the appel­la­tion ‘carat’, as in the mea­sure­ment unit of pre­cious stones and met­als.
The sap of the valu­able carob tree is also widely used in the form of flour, to nat­u­rally sta­bi­lize and thicken ice-​cream and other sweets.

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